Mohan Khelein Hori

Radha Krishna Holi Bhajans Mohan Khelein Hori

The people of Braj in Uttar Pradesh, India celebrate the festival of colors Holi in an exotic and totally unique manner. It is true that the entire country celebrates Holi, but unlike the other parts, Braj ki Holi is considered special and unique because the people believe that historically, Holi started in Braj. Braj is the homeland of Lord Krishna and Radha. According to Hindu mythology, Braj comprises regions that hold high significance in the life story of Lord Krishna. Places like Mathura (believed to be the birthplace of the God), Vrindavan (the place where Lord Krishna grew up), Nandgaon (native village of the lord), and Barsana (the village of Radha) are of special note. Also, Braj bhoomi consist of the regions like Gokul and Phalen, which also hold significance in Hindu belief. They are considered to be holy lands where Lord Krishna spent his life.


The history of Braj ki Holi goes back to the time of Krishnavatara of Lord Mahavishnu. Braj is believed to be the exact place where Lord Krishna used to play with his friends, Gopis and Gopikas and grazed their cattle. It is assumed as per the myth that it is in this land Krishna first played Holi with Radha and that is how this custom of celebrating Holi started as a festivity of colors. It is the root of Holi festival. The people of Braj believe that the real festival of Holi has originated and is being practiced in the right way only in their region.

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